Annenberg Research Center: USC U.S. - China Institute

As one of the premier schools for journalism and communication, USC Annenberg thrives on the role of research and collaborative learning. Annenberg has over 17 research centers devoted to giving students experience and knowledge on a wide range of topics.

The US-China Institute is just one of those research centers; created in 2006 and becoming a part of Annenberg in 2011. The main goal of the US-China Institute is to inform public discourse on the multi-faceted and often complicated relationship between the US and China. The US-China Institute uses policy research, training programs, professional development and more to achieve this goal.  The US-China Institute also puts on many public events and forums, as well as produces popular documentaries on the subject. The institute publishes the well-known magazines US-China Today and Asia Pacific Arts.

The US-China Institute is providing valuable research and helping to clear the fog on the perplexing relationship between the U.S. and China. I would recommend any student stop by the institute or attend one of the many great programs they put on.


-Avery Etuk