The Writing Center

We’re all confident that to get into this school, you had to be pretty good at writing.  We’re also confident that being a good writer doesn’t necessarily assure what most would call “success” in classes like WRIT 150 or *groan* WRIT 340.  The Writing Center is an excellent resource for students who need a little help better articulating themselves to their professors and their classmates, or who just want to improve their writing, reasoning and critical thinking skills.  It offers assistance in both one-on-one consultation sessions and small group workshops, the topics of which range from the proper usage of articles and prepositions to lessons on improving sentence style or even properly citing sources (so there’s a little something for everyone).  Its website also provides a litany of helpful tools that can help students through the writing and researching processes, as they craft their rhetoric in both academic and professional writing.  If you want to take advantage of any or all of these resources (and, speaking from the experience of someone who languished without them, you certainly do), then check them out online and schedule an appointment!

-Derek Belle