Third Space

The Annenberg Dean Ernest Wilson’s Third Space Project Initiative was created to identify “third space competencies” including 360-degree thinking, cultural competency, empathy, adaptability and intellectual curiosity.  This concept stemmed from a research study with over 65 leading executives from various top companies identifying talent and skills that are in high demand.  The study showed that soft skills such as collaboration, creation and communication are all vital components to new and emerging type of leadership.  As jobs are getting bigger and harder, the leadership supply is dwindling, thereby making it even more imperative to cultivate an environment where students can learn, acquire and enhance these soft skills.  As Annenberg students, communication, journalism and public relations majors all have the potential to offer these invaluable skills to the real world environment.  The emerging talent patterns indicate that traditionally-dominant fields like mathematics and engineering are not nearly enough nowadays.  This day and age calls for a new way of thinking and acting that incorporates creative problem solving techniques, a strong sense of curiosity and passion, and the ability to handle uncertainty with agility and confidence.  Annenberg students are at the heart of this demand for new talent.  It is up to us to effectively utilize our resources, especially with the new Wallis Annenberg Hall and the Media Center, to be the next generation’s top leaders of the world.

-Isabelle Huang