Things I Learned as a Spring Admit

1. It’s okay to change your schedule five times if you have to.

This semester, I probably changed my schedule four or so times before I finally found the right classes for me.  You wouldn’t be the only who changes their schedule.  Sometimes, it takes a few tries to get it right.

2. Your adviser is one of your best friends on this campus.

Being a spring admit meant that I practically knew nothing about life on campus. Shoutout to Annie Mateen for answering the millions of questions I had!

3. Don’t be afraid to admit you’re new to the campus and need help.

If you’re like me, you probably will try to navigate this campus with a paper map. Don’t be afraid to stop someone and ask how to get somewhere because chances are they know shortcut.

4. Having a job on campus has tons of benefits.

Working on campus allows you to meet new people.  I work at Annenberg Student Services. In the three months that I’ve worked there, I’ve met tons of new people and even started friendships from these encounters.

5. Being yourself is the only way to do it.

As a spring admit, the idea of making friends can be a little daunting.  However it doesn’t have to be. Don’t try to fit into any molds that you feel would make you fit into the school more.  Be yourself.  Go out of your comfort zone, but don’t change yourself.  People will be drawn to you naturally.  It just takes time.  You’ll find the right ones.

-Destiny Jackson