Get to Know Miki Turner

Name: Miki Turner
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Favorite thing about hometown? The trees and it’s home to some really cool and gracious lifelong friends.
What do you enjoy doing? Engaging and enlightening conversations.
What classes do you teach at Annenberg? Photojournalism, sports commentary, capstone, evolution of journalism.
What would you say is your most notable achievement? Realizing that it is never ever just about me—that the issues within our global community are so much bigger than a singular problem, which is usually very, very small in comparison.
What’s your favorite thing about Annenberg? The sense of community and support. I’ve got some great colleagues. And the view from the fourth floor faculty lounge in ANN!
How would you describe your Annenberg experience? Since I learned long ago not to sweat the small stuff, it’s been nothing but bliss.
What advice do you have to give Annenberg students? Follow your bliss and bond with your classmates.

-Abbie Stellar