Get to Know Gabriel Kahn

Name: Gabriel Kahn
Hometown: New York City
Favorite thing about hometown? The subway
What classes do you teach at Annenberg? I teach a class that tries to make economics accessible and relevant (no, really). It’s JOUR 469 Money, Markets and Media.  I also teach a class on business reporting, which is my background, JOUR 596.  It’s a grad class but I always try to get a few undergrads in there.
What would you say is your most notable achievement? There were a few stories I wrote while I was in Rome with The Wall Street Journal about the Pope, about leftwing terrorism and, of course, about wine that I still recall fondly.
What’s your favorite thing about Annenberg? The students, no question.
How would you describe your Annenberg experience? It’s exhausting. I wish I had more time to take advantage of the speakers who come through the place.  And my great ambition is to embed myself in the digital lounge and work on some of those skills which are getting rusty.
What advice do you have to give Annenberg students? It’s not the grade you get, it’s what you do while you’re here. Look up from your computer and take advantage of the speakers, the programs that make this such a dynamic place.

-Abbie Stellar