GE-F Quantitative Reasoning Exam Fulfillment Option

For students who are following the 2015 General Education requirement, you may have the option to fulfill this requirement in Quantitative Reasoning (GE-F) by taking the Quantitative Reasoning Exam.

If you received a score of 22 or higher on the Mathematics Placement Exam (taken online or in-person), we strongly recommend that you take the in-person Quantitative Reasoning Exam to see if you can meet the GE-F requirement with a score of 22 or higher, if the score is earned under the following conditions:

Students must take a proctored exam, in person on the USC campus;
Students may take this exam only once;
To meet the Quantitative Reasoning requirement, the placement exam must be taken during the student’s freshman year (for freshmen) or first semester at USC (for transfer students).

Students must make a reservation to take the in-person exam. All reservations must be submitted at least one week prior to the testing date. To reserve your spot, visit Once your reservation is confirmed, you will receive an email with additional information and the reporting location for the exam.

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– Sarah Holdren