Campus Apps

Anyone who has lived since the advent of the smart-phone has heard the now decade-old adage that “there’s an app for that.”  Well, as it happens, there is almost always an app for that, many of them tailored specifically for the University of Southern California.  Don’t want to deal with crowds at the Lyon Center?  GymFlow charts and predicts foot traffic at the building so you know when to go to avoid them.  Wondering where your Cruiser is?  The USC Transportation app tracks them, along with USC buses, shuttles, and Zipcars on and around campus.  Ever want more up-to-date information on USC athletics?  USC Trojans Gameday is the app for that.  Greek events? GreekLink is the app for that.  Pre-order at campus restaurants? Tapingo’s got you there.  These apps, along with numerous others that are in the works or recently completed, are modernizing the way that we, as students, can interact with our university.  So take advantage and download one, or if you know any comp science majors, design one yourself for the rest of the Trojan Family to use!

-Derek Belle