Annenberg Digital Lounge

The Annenberg Digital Lounge is a space located in the newly constructed Wallis Annenberg Hall (ANN 301).  It is a digital play place where students, faculty and staff have an opportunity to create, experiment and discover.  The Digital Lounge is a space where students have the opportunity to collaborate with one another and experiment with the different tools the lounge provides.  The Annenberg Digital Lounge also provides students with opportunities to attend certification courses and workshops that cover a variety of topics.  Some of their past workshops covered topics such as Adobe Premiere and Photoshop. Each the month the Annenberg Digital Lounge offers students and faculty opportunities to experience and try new things in the digital world.  The Annenberg Digital Lounge also assists students with their own personal media from packages for broadcasting classes to pieces for Neon Tommy and ATVN.

-Avery Etuk