Adobe Creative Cloud

The year was 2013, the school was Annenberg, and the class entailed editing on Photoshop.  The horror!  It’s quite probable that no one who’s begun their tenure at Annenberg in the last semester or two remembers the nightmare of having to purchase their own copy of Photoshop or toil away in the dingy ASC basement for hours on end just to finish assignments in courses that require it.  They should count themselves very, very lucky.  Adobe’s editing software is notoriously expensive, in addition to being some of the best and most widely used.  Thankfully, our fine institution of higher education has partnered with the firm to offer all Annenberg majors and minors unfettered access to Adobe’s entire software suite through the Creative Cloud at no cost to you (except for your Annenberg technology fee, that is).  To learn more about the Creative Cloud, how to use it, or what benefits you can wring out of it academically, check out the FAQ here.

-Derek Belle