The 11 Things I Wish I Would Have Known My Senior Year

1. Take Advantage of Career Development Resources: 

The pressure and anxiety of applying to and finding job opportunities senior year can be overwhelming to say the least.  Thanks to the staff and advisement in the Annenberg Career Development Office and USC Career Center, however, stress can be decreased as they conduct mock interviews and provide feedback on your performance.  They also provide wonderful resources such as resume review, career advisement and internship postings.  This is such an amazing and helpful tool.  I only wish I took advantage of it sooner to get practical information and experience in the professional world.

2. Explore the ConnectSC Page: 

ConnectSC is not just a search portal for local jobs and internships.  Rather, it has a plethora of information available to students such as global job opportunities for those looking to work abroad, as well as videotaped information interviews with USC faculty which can be helpful for getting in contact with faculty outside your major.  ConnectSC also offers Career Beam and other programs which give details about upcoming events related to the Career Center.

3. Contact is Key!: 

It is so important to keep in contact with your favorite professors after graduation or even just completion of their class.  You will never know when you might need a letter of recommendation or even their expertise on a given subject!  These are valuable connections and friendships that can enrich your experience as a Trojan and may serve to benefit you later in life.

4. Need a Bite to Eat?: 

So unfortunate that I just discovered this culinary gem my second semester as a senior!  But, if you are a senior and you’re hungry or stressed after a class, one word: TRADITIONS.  Somehow, I just discovered this magical oasis on the bottom floor of the Tutor Campus Center.  I advise that you all order the Tommy Tots, nothing to make you feel better after an exam like fried food.

5. Visit the Annenberg Digital Lounge: 

Students are encouraged to visit the Annenberg Digital Lounge in Wallis Annenberg Hall 301, where students, staff and faculty can create, experiment, learn and play.  The Digital Lounge is run by the Creative Media Team.  This newly-launched team is here to help shepherd the Annenberg community into its new digital era, where students work on their own devices, collaborate in our new modular spaces, and learn to experiment and play with the digital tools they have received as part of the 21st Century Literacies Initiative.  Through workshops, helpdesk support and open office hours, the lab aims to promote a digital DIY culture that empowers the Annenberg community to create and learn, regardless of their background or prior experience. I encourage you all to check it out, study and maybe even create there.

6. Visit in Office Hours: 

I can’t overstate the importance of visiting your professor as well your TA’s during office hours.  Not only can they provide clarification for any issues you may be having with the course, but they also could offer helpful hints for studying and other pertinent coursework.  So reach out to them and set up an appointment, they don’t bite and they’re here to help.

7. Don’t Procrastinate: 

Senioritis is rampant and I sympathize 100 percent, but that is not an excuse to slip when you are so close to finishing.  Let’s end on the best note and with great work ethic!  Try to maintain your schedule and be cognizant of upcoming assignments.

8. USC Career Fairs are your friend: 

The Career Center hosts two career fairs each year – one in the fall and one in the spring.  Employers participate in the Career Fair to recruit for full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities.  To ensure you get the most out of the day, please read the career fair tips.  Career Fairs are your friend!

9. is an online training provider offering more than 2,380 video-based courses on a broad range of computing and technology topics.  Topics covered include Google Apps, Adobe products, Microsoft Office, web design and development, audio/video production, computer programming, and mobile devices, among others.  These courses are broken into five to 15-minute tutorials that are taught by subject-matter experts.  These courses can be accessed around-the-clock for convenient, self-paced learning.  All USC students are eligible to utilize the website service.  USC students may access directly by going to and entering your USC NetID and password or type “” in the USC search box and click on the “ | IT Services | USC” link.

10. Librarians are available via chat: 

Yet another amazing gem USC offers. This past semester I struggled to find an article I desperately needed for my WRIT 340 portfolio, luckily, I utilized the librarian chat on the USC Library page and they were able to find the article for me.  The helpful librarian also emailed the article to me in case I needed it later.  In short, USC librarians are awesome and they are readily available on browser chat.

11. Breath: 

It’s totally okay to not have everything figured out by senior year!  Yes, you are graduating but there is so much time and opportunity ahead.  Take a deep breath and remain positive.  The Trojan Family will always be here should you need us!

-Rory Henry