If you are interested in working in the digital and social media sector of the co-evolving media and tech industries, if you want to be a social media professional or an entrepreneur in this area, if you want to understand the science and practice of digital social media, then the M.S. in Digital Social Media is the graduate degree program for you.

The M.S. in Digital Social Media equips students with the practical skills, critical knowledge, and state-of-the-art strategies to succeed in a cutting-edge career in the digital and social media sectors. Beyond learning the fundamentals of digital and social media industries theories and methods, students pursue a customized curriculum towards the design, incubation, and execution of a rigorous, portfolio-building, capstone project.

Topics include entrepreneurship, innovative uses of emerging technologies, creation of content and strategy, production, programming, research, and representation as well as the science of persuasion and opportunities in emergent media industries, e.g., videogames and social media entertainment. 

Regarding the program's STEM designation, the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code is 09.0702 and the CIP code title is "Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia." More information can be found here.