Yusi Xu received her B.A. with honours (honoured graduate of Peking University, 2013 and honoured graduate of Beijing, 2013) in Journalism from Peking University in China. She double majored in International Relations. In her junior year she was selected as an exchange student at Copenhagen University, where she presented her paper in an annual conference of IAMHIST. She then furthered her study at LSE and received her MSc with Distinction in Media and Communications. Her graduate thesis won the Departmental Best Dissertation Prize and Silverstone Dissertation Prize. Yusi has interned in CCTV-4 and People's Daily. Her main research interests lie in the health related disparities among the underserved group with diverse cultural backgrounds, with relate to technology and social media use. She's working on mixed method research as an emerging perspective in health communication, combining qualitative interpretation with quantitative measurement.