Nathalie Maréchal (ABD) is a scholar-activist working at the intersection of internet policy and human rights. Her work focuses on corporate accountability for human rights online, social justice and inequality in the digital age, and the geopolitics of information.

Since 2014, Nathalie has held several fellowship appointments with Ranking Digital Rights, a non-profit research initiative housed at New America’s Open Technology Institute that aims to hold ICT companies accountable for respecting user freedom of expression and privacy. Notably, she spearheaded the addition of mobile ecosystems to the 2017 Corporate Accountability Index.

Nathalie’s dissertation, “Defying Censorship, Evading Surveillance: The Political Economy of Digital Rights Technology,” traces the political history and bureaucratic politics of Internet Freedom funding while critically assessing U.S. foreign policy and its relationship with the transnational social movement dedicated to digital rights. Drawing on archival research, ethnography, participant observation and elite interviews as well as Nathalie's own experience working within the digital rights space as a researcher and advocate, the study examines how freedom technologists negotiate the terrain between the various strategic communicators whose power struggles currently center on the control of information.

The USC Graduate School awarded Nathalie the Oakley Endowed Fellowship for 2017-2018.