Miles Hubble is a second year Ph.D. student at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

Miles graduated from the University of Chicago with honors and bachelor's degrees in both Anthropology and Cinema/Media Studies. His thesis, "Made Every Day: Rhetorics of Authenticity and the Historicization of the Present," examines discourses surrounding nature and authenticity mobilized by participants on two History Channel reality television series, as well as the complex web of mediatization which surrounds their production.

Miles has written and directed two short films, and for his thesis conducted sensory-focused ethnography among wilderness survivalists in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. His interests span film, video and tabletop games, reality television, and multimedia art, but his work always centers on one principal question: how are the "real" and the "authentic" indexed by cultural productions and rhetorics?

Miles's current research interests include "realism" in new media, especially with regard to survival video games, and the rhetoric of alternative political movements, including the alt-right and the so-called "primitive living" movement.