Jessica is interested in researching higher education student activism, with a focus on how abolitionist and decolonial theory is engaged with and enacted within it. Central to Jessica's work is the belief that education is a collective experience and that our knowledge is not created individually but through cooperative sharing of information and resources.

Jessica's B.A. is from the University of California, San Diego where they double majored in Critical Gender Studies and Ethnic Studies. Jessica's Ethnic Studies honors thesis "'Diversity': Student Demands and Institutional Co-Option" looked at the ways in which student activists, and particularly student activists of color have worked to change the institution and the ways in which institutions have co-opted their demands to better enable rather than change the institutional structures of white supremacy, colonialism, and neoliberalism.

Jessica's theory and practice within both academic work and personal politics involves centering the work of decolonial, feminist, prison abolitionist, and anti-capitalist theorists. In particular the work of Sara Ahmed, Angela Davis, Stuart Hall, Robin D G Kelley, Audre Lorde, Nnedi Okorafor, Assata Shakur, Linda Tuhiwai Smith, nayyirah waheed, Jackie Wang and the work of student activists around the world continues to inspire and motivate her academic and activist pursuits.