Edward B. Kang is a PhD student at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and Assistant Editor for the International Journal of Communication. His research engages the cultural and infrastructural dimensions of digital media with a specific focus on the relationship between platform logics, platform anatomies, music, and identity in all of its multiplicities. He is thus interested in navigating the socialities that emerge at these knotty intersections of technology and culture. Apart from his own research, he has served as a committee member for Annenberg's annual Communication and Cultural Studies graduate student conference Critical Mediations, as well as led Music Production workshops for Annenberg's Critical Media Project with California Humanities.

Prior to joining Annenberg, Edward received a B.A. in East Asian Area Studies with a minor in Music Industry from the University of Southern California. Here, his work focused on a critique of South Korean neo-liberalism manifest in its contemporary lookist social fabric further proliferated by its burgeoning cosmetic surgery industry. He has also, since then, been active as a music producer, sound engineer, and DJ.