Calvin Liu is a communications scholar with a BS and MS in Information and Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine (UCI). While at UCI Calvin was advised by games scholar, Joshua Tanenbaum. At Annenberg, Calvin is currently an advisee of Dmitri Williams. Though from an STS (science and technology studies) background, Calvin is working towards an interdisciplinary approach of exploring identity meditation. His previous work involved an ethnography into the furry fan community, a subculture sharing an interest in anthropomorphism and zoomorphism. His work in the furry subculture merged posthumanist framing alongside new media literature to analyze how identities are negotiated across artifacts and performances. Currently, Calvin is planning to extend his ethnographic experience into the virtual world of Second Life to analyze how the affordances of virtual worlds contribute to the formation and expression of identity.

Other projects Calvin has been involved with include observing communication among massive online groups on