Estrellita Uribe Zamora, Digital Social Media

Where are you from and what were you doing before enrolling in graduate school?

I am an international student from Sinaloa, Mexico. Before coming to USC, I worked full-time in digital marketing in Orange County. 

How did you learn of the degree program and why did you choose USC Annenberg?

I initially wanted to stay in Southern California for grad school, and researched graduate programs in the area. The professional opportunities in the LA area are amazing and I definitely didn’t want to leave that. I chose Annenberg because it has a great reputation as a school, and I knew I would be learning from the best faculty. I also liked that my program was very personalized and tailored to whatever you wanted to focus on. 

What have you enjoyed the most about the degree program?

I’ve enjoyed getting to do research about what matters to me, with the support of my program director and faculty. It is amazing how the professors in my program are very approachable and willing to help students. I’ve also liked how Annenberg has a very close-knit community. I’ve met amazing students in all kinds of events put up by the school and talked to alumni that always have wise advice.