USC Annenberg’s Media, Economics & Entrepreneurship M{2e} presents: John Earnhardt, Cisco


Tuesday, February 14, 2012 - 12:00pm

Join School of Journalism director Geneva Overholser and public relations professor Burghardt Tenderich for a conversation with John Earnhardt, Cisco Systems’ director of corporate communications, on The Network: Cisco’s Technology News Site. Cisco Systems was a pioneer in corporate journalism when it launched The Network in 2000. The presence of corporate news sites like Cisco’s raises fundamental questions such as: Where is the boundary between journalism and public relations?

A major emphasis of USC Annenberg, the Media, Economics & Entrepreneurship initiative offers students both academic opportunities and hands-on research projects to strengthen their knowledge of economics. The initiative infuses an understanding of economic principles and market behavior through course work across all of USC Annenberg's degree programs, encouraging students to innovate and experiment with new ideas for communication and journalism.