A Jazz Band, Two Large Pizzas and the Art of Successful Failures


Monday, November 19, 2012 - 4:00pm
Dynamic intellectual and entrepreneurial environments require two essential ingredients: a belief in the upside potential, and the permission to experiment. The goal of creative collaborations is to do something together that neither could do independently. Like members of a jazz band, each instrumentalist is a specialist, yet the combination of their sounds makes music. One rule of thumb for nurturing entrepreneurial activities is that they are likely to creatively morph four or five times before their ultimate expression. Another is that the team developing the new idea should be small enough to have dinner together with two large pizzas. 

Martha Russell, PhD, is Executive Director of Media X at Stanford University, Senior Research Scholar at the Human Sciences and Technology Advanced Research Institute at Stanford University and a Fellow at the Institute for Innovation, Creativity and Capital at The University of Texas at Austin. As part of the USC Creativity and Collaboration initiative organized by the Norman Lear Center, she’ll discuss the five rules of creative interdisciplinary collaborations, as well as the failures, successes and successful failures in building creative collaborations between business folks and academics.

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