Kari Storla is interested in the intersection of rhetoric, gender, and trauma, with a focus on sexual assault and sexual assault prevention. Her research investigates the catch-22 of sexual assault prevention movements needing to simultaneously employ and dismantle prevailing gender ideologies. Currently, she is engaged in a project that looks at how feminist sexual antirape
movements in the United States have historically negotiated the issue of gender.

Kari earned her B.A. in speech with research honors from Georgia State University, where she looked at the online self-identification of girl gamers and gamer girls. More recently, her paper “Cure for rape culture: Homeopathy, allopathy, and the construction of rape seen through a Burkean perspective” won a top student papers award in its division at the 2014 NCA Conference. In addition to her research, Kari is passionate about teaching, serving as one of the TA Fellows at USC’s Center for Excellence in Teaching. She also serves as a peer advocate on issues of sexual assault and gender-based violence on campus, working as a Violence Outreach Intervention and Community Empowerment (VOICE) representative.

Kari can be found online at www.karistorla.com