Joan Joda-Miller is a 3rd year doctoral student in Annenberg and a transmedia artist with a broadly interdisciplinary approach to the topics and phenomena she studies. Drawing from affect theory, object oriented ontology, and other fields, Joan broadly traces the mechanisms of empathy. Broad research questions include; how does empathy arise? increase? decrease? What impedes the reception of empathy? How might empathy facilitate our interactions and understanding of non-human agents including animals and machine intelligence? Joan approaches these questions largely through Ethnography and Memoiristic writing often incorporated with other qualitative and quantitative methods. Recent work include study on the social and economic structure of comic-cons, the affect of abjection in gamergate, and House affiliation amongst Harry Potter fans. Joan's transmedia artwork -- including a memoiristic video meditating on Lauren Berlant's Cruel Optimism and Sarah Ahmed's Ordinary Objects -- can be found on her Medium page: "Social Justice Rogue"