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Brian Frank doesn’t settle for the status quo. So when Annenberg School of Journalism Director Michael Parks gave him the opportunity to help improve the field of investigative journalism, he jumped at the chance.

Frank is now the driving force behind “The Guthman Report,” an Annenberg-sponsored Web site that tracks down the best daily investigative journalism and gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to put the stories together.

Proposed to be named for long-time Annenberg professor and Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Ed Guthman, the site is set to launch shortly.

“I’m planning what it looks like, what features will go on there, talking to newspapers to see what they’ve done lately,” says Frank, an online journalism master’s candidate. “My role is everything right now. It’s the perfect opportunity to have an impact on what this important resource will be all about.”

Frank is excited to be part of what he sees as journalism’s historic shift to the online world and compares it to the advances in printing technology that helped such luminaries as Benjamin Franklin make their mark on history.

“Because newspapers were Franklin’s trade, he learned how to operate the machinery and equipment,” he says. “To me, there’s a parallel there because online journalism is a new medium. HTML provides the levers, mechanics and typesetting. Franklin was a great writer but also knew the equipment, and that’s an inspiration. I feel like I can write and also operate the machinery.”

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