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A Message from Dean Ernest J. Wilson III
Welcome to the USC Annenberg School for Communication, where we emphasize the strategic principles of Innovation, International and Impact.
Noah Barron
Balance isn’t always a good thing in science reporting, says grad student Noah Barron. more »

K.C. Cole
Professor K.C. Cole sees failure as more than an option – it’s required in order to succeed. more »

Danielle Johnson
Making front-page news out of the arts is PR student Danielle Johnson’s goal. more »

Doug Thomas and Dmitri Williams
The online world is much more than fun and games for professors Doug Thomas and Dmitri Williams. more »

Cara Wallis
Ever feel like your cell phone is your life? Research done in China by Ph.D. candidate Cara Wallis could tell you why. more »
Manuel Castells
Understanding the local requires a global perspective, says world-renowned professor Manuel Castells. more »

Ottavia Montingelli
An interest in global media is reborn thanks to grad student Ottavia Montingelli’s Annenberg experience. more »

Phil Seib
Has the time passed for carrying a big stick? Professor Phil Seib says the future lies in speaking softly. more »

Blessing Waung
Lost in the Amazon. That’s just one story journalism undergraduate Blessing Waung expects to collect during a career as an international digital journalist. more »

Hanna Ingber Win
Grad student Hanna Ingber Win is making a habit of using her reporting to bring international troubles to light. more »

Meg Young
Knowing the language helps grad student Meg Young bridge differences through public diplomacy. more »
Allan Baclayon
Making the right connections is key in both school and the real world for grad student Allan Baclayon. more »

Jessica Cheng
Helping others tell their traumatic tales has helped communication undergraduate Jessica Cheng figure out her own story. more »

Brian Frank
Grad student Brian Frank is already on his way to making his mark on journalism’s future. more »

Kirstin Heinle
Communication student Kirstin Heinle says being part of an Annenberg research group helps her far beyond the classroom. more »

Sheila Murphy
Integrating useful health information into TV medical shows is a tricky job but well worth professor Sheila Murphy’s efforts. more »

Roberto Suro
The immigration story is dramatic, complex and worth telling, says professor Roberto Suro. more »