30 Alumni welcome the new class of Specialized Journalism Masters students for 2014-2015

Posted September 3, 2014

Specialized Journalism alumni work at over 40arts media organizations and institutions. They are pioneers, serving as the first-ever embedded arts journalists for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and Santa Monica Museum. Our alumni hold editorial staff positions the Village Voice, Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio,Smithsonian, and in social media at CBS Interactive and Universal Pictures. They are professors at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts and School of Architecture,and at Loyola Marymount University and Rhodes University in South Africa. Four have produced documentary films, which were competitively selected and screened at national film festivals. Three have published books.They are, as well,committed to entrepreneurship and their own businesses with such successful start-ups as Media Moves, The Beer Paper and Neu Haus Studio. Over 90 percent leave our program with jobs, realistic job prospects or future academic commitments.

30 Specialized Journalism alumni (pictured here) came from as far as SanFrancisco in August for a luau graduation celebration, honoring the new class of SJs for 2014-2015, who had finished the three-week digital and multimedia immersion course,affectionately known as “boot camp.” Survivor stories abounded! From left toright, alumni, current students and professors, seated front row: Jenn Velez, Sasha Anawalt, Max de Leve and Michael Parks; second row: KC Cole, Pamela Chan, Stefanie Martinez, Melissa Kaplan, Laura Tenenbaum, Wendy Carillo, Christina Campodonico, Kristin Doidge, Kelly O’Mara, Vanessa Wilson, Ana Gonzalez, Chris Mink, Jeanette Kazmierczak (who took photo), Erica Andrews, Salvador Duran and Angie Sutton; third row: Catherine O’Sullivan, Rebecca Haithcoat,Ian Joulainian, Danielle Charbonneau, Xingyi Huang, Uttara Valluri, Audrey Yap, Meghan Farnsworth and Matt Yoka; fourth row: Erica Phillips, Brian Sumers, Evelyn McDonnell, Elizabeth Nonemaker, Robin Migdol, Susan Valot, David MacFadden-Elliott, Chimene Tucker; fifth row:  Jessica Hilo, Peggy Bustamante, Erin Leiker, Megan Sweas, Veronica Villafane, Stephanie Case, Jessica Koslow, Riikka Haikarainen and Maureen Lenker; sixth row: Tiffany Walton, Michael Huard, Dave LaFontaine, Myah Williams, Adrienne Lawrence, Tim Page, Gabrielle Cifarelli, Matt Stromberg and Matias Jaskari.

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