Journalism Program


USC Journalism students spend a spring semester at City University in London where they have a privileged vantage of British culture and British Media. Through social science coursework and an intensive and integrated journalism group project, they have the opportunity for personal and direct comparison between the structured and governmentally controlled media of the United Kingdom and the comparatively laissez-faire approach to media regulation in the United States.

The university is located on Northampton Square in Central London, on the edge of the financial district. City University's campus is both compact and nearby student housing.

Students earn a total of 16 units; journalism majors earn 8 journalism elective units. During the first (12 week) term, USC students will work on the final project (worth 2 units) under the supervision of a City University School of Journalism faculty member. In addition, they will take two courses from the School of Social Sciences. City University students are required to combine journalism and social sciences in their undergraduate degree, so as to provide content as well as form to the Third Year Projects that complete their degree programs.

Student Life & Activities
Classrooms and all student facilities are located on one site, allowing students to mix and meet easily in both academic and social environments. The center of student life is the Students' Union, which contains shops, pubs, and an entertainment area. The Union also organizes a wide range of leisure activities including sports, culture, politics, and religion.

Students will live in self-contained apartments located in central London near City University. Apartments consist of one or two double bedrooms and/or a triple bedroom, fully equipped kitchens, shared bathrooms, and living rooms.

Admission Requirements
Students must have a minimum cumulative USC GPA of 3.0 and must study abroad in the second semester of Junior year.  Students must have completed the School of Journalism Core Curriculum of Newswriting (202, 203), Reporting (302, 303), and Production (306 or 308).

Estimated Costs
For Spring 2015, the ESTIMATED cost of the program is $30,892. This includes tuition, housing, health insurance, round-trip airfare and personal expenses (food, entertainment, weekend travel, etc).

Financial aid and tuition remission may be applied.