Communication Program


Both fall and spring semester, USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism (along with ACCENT International) offers communication majors and minors an opportunity to study in London and earn Communication credits. Located in the heart of the city, the ACCENT Centre is within walking distance of the British Museum, the University of London, Piccadilly and Oxford Circus, and Covent Garden.

London is one of the foremost leaders in communication, media and politics. Students enjoy the centrality of their location and the exciting sights and scenes this vast metropolis has to offer.

Students take courses taught by British faculty at the ACCENT Centre in Bloomsbury. Students select four communication courses from a total offering of six. Sample Communication courses include:
COMM 324 Intercultural Communication
COMM 340 The Cultures of the New Media
COMM 365 The Rhetoric of London
COMM 384 Interpreting Popular Culture
COMM 412 Communication & Social Movement

**Please note that these courses are not available every semester and change from year to year. Final course schedules will be released to students who are admitted and have committed to participating in the program.**

Student Life & Activities
Included within the program are several excursions to such locations as Bath, Stonehenge, Oxford, Cambridge, and Stratford upon Avon. There will also be social activities offered in London including visits to theaters and museums. Students are also registered with the University of London Student Union where they can mingle with British students. For the activities of the Union, view their Website.

Students live in self-contained two- or three-bedroom apartments located in central London and a short commute/walk from the ACCENT Centre. Apartments consist of a fully equipped kitchen, shared bedrooms and bathrooms, a common living/dining space, and high-speed wireless internet.

Admission Requirements
All students must have a cumulative USC GPA of 3.0 and minimum sophomore standing at the commencement of the program. COMM majors must complete two out of the five Communication core courses at the time of application, or one completed and one in progress at the time of application; COMM minors are exempt from this requirement.*

* Starting with the Fall 2014 program, applicants who are Communication minors in the process of adding the Communication major will be held to the admission requirements for Communication majors. Communication major standing will always supersede Communication minor standing for applicants who have both a COMM major and minor.

Estimated Costs
The ESTIMATED cost of the program for Spring 2015 is $38,447. This includes tuition, housing, health insurance, round-trip airfare and personal expenses (food, entertainment, weekend travel, etc).

Financial aid and tuition remission may be applied.