The USC Center for Public Relations (CPR)

The USC Center for Public Relations (CPR) is truly at the center of the fast-growing PR industry -- connecting businesses, agencies, academics and students. Our mission is to advance both the study and practice of public relations through research, education and innovation.
The ability to communicate has always been a vital skill for effective leaders and successful companies.  But in today’s real-time media environment conveying an important message to a specific audience has become more of a science than an art. People are bombarded by data 24/7 on dozens of different channels. How can an organization or an individual remain relevant in a complex world where people ignore 99% of the information they receive?  That’s where we come in.
At CPR, we monitor emerging trends and technologies. We analyze state-of-the-art communication techniques across all media channels. We conduct leadership training for communications professionals and communications training for business leaders. We create meaningful partnerships between the corporate and academic worlds.  And we conduct research into topics that are relevant to the profession.  Annenberg students are involved in all of these activities.
Fred Cook, the CEO of Golin, one of the world’s largest PR firms, directs the Center.  As the first active CEO to run a center at the Annenberg School, he brings 30 years of experience working with blue-chip clients like Nintendo, Toyota and McDonald’s and CEOs like Jeff Bezos, Herb Kelleher and Steve Jobs.  He and his team share their expertise with executives who want to improve their communications and students who want to enter the business world.
If you are interested in learning more about how CPR can help you or your organization remain relevant in the dynamic world of public relations, contact Fred at

Fred Cook_USC Announcement from Golin on Vimeo.